Ellabon's Conquest

Chapter 1.0 - Into the Deep

Numenera Gaming Session 1: Into the Deep

Our adventurers find themselves together in the morning, sitting at a table in the common room of the inn the Northern Star. The previous night was interesting to say the least. Lysander (Chase) has acquired a taste for a peculiar phosphorescent blue drink, and the hangover that accompanies its overindulgence. Helios (Bri) is left pondering the night’s events…
Helios is fairly well known throughout the city of Stirthall, in one form or another, for one thing or another. One such dalliance with the fair Cresellis didn’t end well for Helios. Cresellis is a mistress of Gresh (one of many, though one of his favorites), a major noble within the city and 2nd cousin to the current regent of Malevich (a city-state in the Steadfast) Ellabon. Gresh is a prideful man and doesn’t take kindly to anyone enjoying what he considers “his.” Upon finding Helios in his bed Gresh went into a wild rage. The destruction that followed in the city as he and a group of his guards tried, unsuccessfully, to capture Helios is well known and was not looked upon fondly by Marrizek (governor of Stirthall). Though he has been reprimanded for his outburst, he harbors a grudge and has employed a number of unsavory individuals to aid in the capture of Helios. Gresh isn’t known for patience, or his lasting memory, and given time will likely forget all together his anger and his revenge.
As such Helios has made it a priority to make himself scarce for a while. Using disguises he has so far been able to evade his captors, but all locations get sniffed out eventually and Helios knows a change in scenery is needed. His thoughts went to one of the only places he knew he wouldn’t be followed; the abyss of the Voil Chasm. He started poking around and asking questions in the seedier parts of the city about the Voil and discovered tale of a man whom had apparently arisen out of the Voil itself. Too good to be true but too lucrative to pass up, Helios went looking for, and found his man, Lysander.
After a lengthy conversation where Lysander explained the plight of his home town and his harrowing trip to the surface, Helios succeeded in convincing the stoic man to be his guide, promising that an expedition could uncover the plight of his people. The next step was to garner the support of a wealthy patron to fund the expedition. Helios knew his best chance was to appeal to the governor of Stirhall, Marrizek and her desire to call the Voil chasm fully her domain. Reaching her however seemed quite out of the question so they needed to find a way to gain access to her sanctum. When Helios learned of Marrizek’s youngest son, Jongo, and his penchant for flair, he knew he had his mark.
A clever disguise and a little eyelash batting later, Helios gained admittance for himself and Lysander to one of the most lucrative entertainment houses in the city, The Creshenebon. This is where Lysander learned of Mithrak, a bluish alcoholic drink of exquisite taste, and price. The night was rowdy, confusing, and entertaining. By the end of it Jongo was discovered, and turned out to be right under their nose the entire time, toying with the duo for his own entertainment. He led Hellios and Lysander to a private room on the second floor where Hellios explained their goals of exploring the Voil and its treasures. In the end Lysander had the final play in convincing Jongo to help get the expedition underway. He gave Jongo one of his cyphers, a metallic sphere that when split and attached to the shoulders sprouts a set of faintly purplish-pink translucent wings. Jongo took the group to the roof of the Creshenebon donned the wings and jumped from the roof with a howl of laughter. It turns out Jongo is a cypher junkie and more than anything relishes the pursuit and use of new and wonderful Numenera.
Bewildered and left alone on the rooftop of the Cheshenebon, Hellios and Lysander returned to the Northern Star. Upon their return they were given a note: “Meet me at the Black Gate in three days’ time. Dawn. –Jongo”


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