Ellabon's Conquest

Chapter 1.4 - The Letanzi

Game session 4: The Letanzi

Upon entering Lysander’s village, the group knows they don’t have much time. They can hear groaning and creaking, and pieces of rock and shell rub and shift against each other creating a feeling of tremendous instability.

They quickly start searching the remaining buildings that weren’t completely crushed looking for survivors. Lysander finds a very strange hole in one of the buildings, but logs the event for later and continues to search for members of his tribe. Billum calls out before too long, saying he’d found someone. The group rushes together and Lysander recognizes the boy of 12 as Nisha’s little brother Aloon. He is unconscious but still breathing. As Ruby tries to diagnose the injuries of Aloon a few of the other fan out in order to hopefully find some medical supplies.

Both Lysander and Helios are successful in finding separate supply cashes and net some healing stims and a few cyphers. During their search the entire area begins to rapidly destabilize. Huge crashes can be heard from not far away as parts of these underground passages collapse. The group sends Billum, Ruby and Aloon back to base camp while they continue to explore. A few minutes later another large crash and a scream from Ruby is heard. They find out everyone is okay, but they’ve been cut off from the path Billum took and can no longer follow the same route. They group continues to look for other passages that might leave but run out of options.

Lysander brings the group back to the hole in one of the buildings and using one of his minor glow globes investigates it. They discover that the ground is extremely loose around the hole as it falls down into the depths with the slightest agitation. After tying together both of his ropes (100 feet), Lysander ties off the rope to the building and begins to descend down the hole. After 50 feet there is no longer any earth on the sides of the hole and he finds himself in a perfectly round smooth cylinder made of a blackish looking material. It is cool to the touch and without blemish on its surface. Lysander has Helios and Zisk drop their ropes down, where Lysander adds another 100 feet to the rope and continues his descent. The tube continues down, perfectly straight, with no end in sight. At this point the adventures start to get nervous. They have been climbing for about 20 minutes, and fatigue is setting in on Helios and Zisk. To find out if there is a bottom to this Zisk, with help from Lysander braces himself and lights a piece of scavenged wood using his shocking power. They then drop the flaming piece of wood and look down into the blackness hopefully.

Helios and Lysander both think they see the shine of something that at their best guess looks about 200-250 feet down. Then the torch continues to plummet. It does hit the bottom eventually, a long ways down. It doesn’t make a sound and the flame goes out almost instantly, so they aren’t left with much of an idea. Zisk decides to use one of his numenera devices, it’s a short range projectile tracking device, but gravity will easily extend the range. After firing this off below they find out that ground zero is 700 feet below their current position.

Helios gives Lysander his darkness lenses, which when inserted into his eye socket fuse to the surface. Lysander’s eyes go completely black and he loses the ability to see at all in any kind of light, but in total darkness his vision is utterly perfect. Over time they break down from the enzymes in the eyes, returning vision to normal.

Lysander removes his boots and begins his trip down the strange circular tube. His climbing experience and the added grip of his feet allow him to make the descent easily. 200 feet below a metallic ladder starts. It continues down as far as he can see. The rungs come straight out of the tube and aren’t connected to each other and are perfectly equidistant. Lysander braces himself in the tube at the top of the ladder, in an effort to stop the momentum if his companions don’t navigate as well as he did.

After helping each other remove their shoes while hanging from the rope, Zisk is first to make the climb. He starts of well, making tremendous time and gaining a fools confidence. About 120 feet down he loses his footing and begins to slide. Franticly Zisk concentrates all his strength and effort into his hands and feet, trying to apply the pressure necessary to stop his momentum. He’s able to do it, but not without a few significant friction burns. After this he slowly makes his way down the rest of the tube and arrives safely a few minutes later. Helios fares much better and efficiently makes his way down the tube.

Once they all reach the ladder they make their way to the bottom of the tube. When they reach the bottom the path continues out 90 degrees away from the ladder. The tunnel looks exactly the same as the tube they came from, though it’s a little bigger. They notice that there is nothing on the ground when they get to the bottom, and wonder where all the dirt went that was knocked down at the start of this journey.

Not having any other plan, they continue down the path, traveling for hours without so much as a single detail change. In order to discover more about the strange tunnel Zisk fires off a bolt of lightning down the path in the direction they came. As the bolt leaves his hand the lightning almost immediately begins to arc into the tunnel itself and is completely dissipated within 15 feet. Zisk performs another test and localizes a blast of electricity at a specific point on the wall. It absorbs the same way, but his proximity to it allows him to notice a slight discoloration in the wall, lightening from the black to a deep purplish red. It fades almost instantly, but Zisk is sure he saw the change.

Again, with nothing else to do they continue down the path until fatigue takes them. They all rest up as best they can in the round tunnel and start off again after what seems like 8-10 hours. A few hours later the silence is broken, both Lysander and Helios hear it. It’s a faint sound, but definitely a sound. The group quickens their pace and readies themselves for what may lie ahead. The sound is unmistakable now and they can see light at the end of the tunnel, rushing water is ahead. When they round the corner there is five more feet of tunnel, then it stops, opening abruptly out into a massive cavern.

They can see a massive waterfall in front of them, lightly spraying them with mist. There is a purplish hue to the light in the cavern, but it seems to be emanating from a point in upper center of the cavern and also lights up as far as their eyes can see. The scene below is beautiful, full strange lush trees and unique land forms. They also see some kind of settlement in the distance, brightly lit up in a white light. The cavern floor is about 700 feet and the three wonder how the hell they are supposed to get down.

They start search around the exit for anything that might help them down. Zisk stumbles upon a switch of some kind built into the bottom of the tube at the opening and works it until he’s able to pull out a small metallic piece. While messing with it he turns it, where it locks in place, then begins to automatically suck back into the tube wall. The group hears a whining sound, then the sound of something releasing. A few moments go by with nothing, then Lysander notices a light behind him. He peaks around the corner back down the tunnel and see a brilliant yellow light screaming down the tunnel accompanied by a rushing sound like a turbine whining.

Thinking it to be some kind of purging device Lysander decides to take his chances with the 700 foot fall and grabs on to Zisk and Helios and he leaps from the edge. Luckily he isn’t fast enough and the light makes it to the edge of the tunnel before his feet leave the ground. The light seems flows around them and crystallizes into a pipe of brilliant yellow that guides them downward. Thrown wildly by Lysander’s leap they tumble down the newly created tube in loops and circles, always moving down. They move too fast to slow themselves, but not fast enough to cause them harm. Suddenly the group is shot out the end of the tube, taking a 30 foot sail through the air and landing squarely in the basin of the waterfall.

After collecting themselves on the far side of the waterfall they notice a pair of creatures. They look like raptors with webbed toes, and fins along head, back and tail. The creatures see them and make their way down the river the basin empties into. They watch as the creatures easily make a 25 foot leap over a narrow portion of the river and come running their direction. The group finds some moderate cover around a thicket of bushes and prepares themselves for the encounter.

Helios tries sneaking around the back side of the thicket, to try and flank, but his movements are too quick and one of the creatures peels around to his side of the brush to attack. Helios and the creature trade attacks, but neither can find the mark. On the other side Zisk lets loose a blast of lightning, which the creature dodges as it charges in. Lysander scores a solid hit, severely wounding the creature, while evading the counter attack. It loops around the brush in a wide arc and starts to run away as quickly as its legs will carry it. Lysander since then moved around the thicket, where the creature makes another pass at Helios. Both again favor defense and trade dodges. Lysander takes advantage of the distraction and with a great force of effort pierces the creature straight through the head with his glaive, killing it instantly. Seeing the wounded and fleeing creature, Lysander drops his glaive, pulls out his crossbow, steadies himself on one knee and lets a bolt fly at significant distance. The bolt drives home, ripping through the flank of the creature, dropping in a writhing heap.

After gathering themselves, the group makes their way toward the settlement. Everything is extremely well lit in a white light and there looks to be no doors on the entrances. As they move closer they find that there is some sort of force protecting the doors, quite impassable. They begin yelling to get someone’s attention, as the enclave looks deserted, but to no avail. They start trying to manipulate the door of force, to see if they can find of way in. This somehow alerts some people inside and three people come to the door, two guards accompanying an older strange looking man.

After the leading man worked out communication with a translating device the group learned that some of Lysander’s people found refuge here. They meet up with the three survivors and learn that there may be as many as 15 people that were on the safe side of the conch during the collapse. After an exhausting journey, with a new people, in a strange underground community, everyone needs a little break. They decide to rest the remainder of the night after being offered such with a promise of further discussion in the morning.


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