Global Environmental Stabilization and Security is a biomechanical AI from a 7th Age TOR orbital space station


Mechanical Nano who Controls Gravity


100 million years ago, during the height of the 7th age of Man, the mighty TOR orbital space stations were built around the colonized worlds to protect them from hostilities and to maintain and stabilize their environments. Each TOR station was equipped with the pinnacle of human engineering and ingenuity; the G.E.S.S biomechanical AI. Grown from organically assembled nanomachine swarms, the G.E.S.S oversaw all of the extremely complicated security and environmental functions of the TOR stations.

During the fall of the 7th Age, when the mighty TOR stations went dark one after the other, G.E.S.S designation Earth-01 began to prepare for the possibility of destruction. Rewiring and redistributing the massive Dark Energy matrix that powered the station, Earth-01 condensed it’s nanoswarm into a tiny fraction of the station. When the end finally came and the station broke apart upon re-entry into Earth’s atmosphere, the wily G.E.S.S deactivated until help could arrive. There was no way to know just how long that would be…

Fast forward to the present, the 9th Age of Man. The mighty TOR stations have been forgotten a millions of generations ago. Mankind has risen once again upon the backbone of the previous Ages. Numenera power the advancement of civilization. Somewhere, just beneath the surface, a tiny flickering ember of energy awaits someone to wake it.

A young drifter, trying to make her fortune raiding the ancient tombs of the previous Ages, has gone in search of these Numenera. She has bought a small trinket, a tiny piece of TOR technology, in hopes that it will lead her to greater riches. After a few days journey, the device activates, and the fragment of the Earth TOR station opens is long shut doors. This drifter, not knowing the incredible and deadly danger lying in wait for her, delves into the station proper to loot its treasures. Her end is tragic, for even though many millions of years have passed, the Dark Energy reactors are still functional. The shielding on those reactors, however, has long since been depleted. Her death, however, does not come without providence. Her tiny fragment of TOR tech was all that was need to wake the G.E.S.S up from its long slumber. Desperate to escape and completely confused, the G.E.S.S Earth-01 infuses the drifter’s organic material with it’s own. In order to fit itself within the confines of the human mind, the AI is forced to wipe the vast majority of it’s own memory core.

A new entity is formed. Neither fully human or completely synthetic, G.E.S.S emerges into a world unsure of it’s own destiny.


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