Lysander Waite

Rugged Glaive who Explores Dark Places


Lysander Waite is a Rugged Glaive who Explores Dark Places
Climbing (specialized), Jumping (S), Swim, Running, Balancing, Sneaking, Listening , Botany , Animal Empathy, Survival, Navigation

Practiced in Armor, Thrust, Pierce, Eyes Adjusted, Trained; Heavy Blades,
Successive Attack

Might 16
Edge 1
Speed 13
Edge 2
Intellect 9
Edge 0


The Conch was my home; is my home. The Voil chasm is a deep and wide spreading jungle and within it, a translucent force kept my people safe; Isolated but safe none the less. The bio dome had its own way of life, nocturnal and twilit for most of the day and most of the seasons. Pale blues to vibrant purples of the warped sky was hidden by the deep emeralds of the canopy that surrounded you on all sides at the wider points of the chambers. The shell of force allowed certain types of bio mass to grow on it, allowing the water to well up through its invisible pores and feed the plant life that created the terrain that train my people how to move as shadows that could leap from one shade to another.
We were hunters who hunted hunters. In the Conch, if you were not directly nourished by the sustenance that the Conch’s walls provided, then you had to live off of those who also had the same problem. Carnivorous predators who stalk in the shadows made up most of the fauna. Feral creatures who could lure you out of safety with their gaze only to feed upon you with their teeth and claws. Things that could mimic their surroundings and others who could stretch, squeeze between, and constrict. These Shoda, meaning the maw of shadows in my tongue, would keep fat and content with the people who I have met on the surface above the chasm. The Shoda were my prey. My people hunted and carved them into food, trophies, and tools. And we were good at it.
That was until the collapse. I was hunting a pack of Longa-Shoda with the Lord of the Chase, a tall gaunt man who knew all there was about my people and the Conch, when the first cracks brought thunder echoing across the canals of the bio dome and small streaks of brilliant light into our twilight world. He told me to take the others and return to camp when the Shoda struck our dumbfounded group. I did just that. But our footing became pitfalls and the vines that supported us across the ravines would betray us as the piece of shell they were anchored to would give way. I had to watch the tribe’s youth fall to their doom as the soon to be elders of the tribe would get crushed under the heel of this cataclysm. It was soon evident that only I remained and I would not be making it back. The stretch ahead was too vast for how tired and wary I was, I had to find shelter and I found it in the blinding light of the unknown. I jumped from hazard to hazard thinking of how much of a coward I was retreating and forsaking my people. But I had to survive to fight another day. I followed blind into the light that had a deafening silence compared to the crumbling structure around me. I pictured my darling Nisha palming her ears and praying that we get to see our day of union in front of our family and tribe. I am leaving her to die screaming and alone. But I know I cannot save them now. I need to find help.
I foraged and kept to the shadows when I left the debris of my homeland. The jungle that surrounded it had its dangers but I was able to navigate them with ease. It was the climbing to the upper surface that was the challenge. I ran out of food shortly after the second day of climbing. The vertical ascent cut the palms of my hands, the pads of my feet and the bulwark of my determination. As I came to the surface is saw something I truly could not comprehend. The city, still even with the months that I have spent here I cannot accurately describe the alien nature it possesses. But I have purpose here and I will prevail. I will see my homeland once more. I will find Nisha and my tribe will once again be safe and whole. I am Lysander Waite of the Conch and I will find a way home.

Lysander Waite

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