Flying Ship - Powered by the Sun



Developing Stat Line:

Armor: 6
Kuori Cylinder Armor: 4 (+2 Slash resistance)
Speed: 40mph (80mph overclocked using cloaking field power – 1 day disable on cloak)
Cloaking Field: Usable upon landing the craft

The ship has two large cylinders on either side of the ship made of the shell material (called Kuori) and filled with a blue liquid that powers the entire vessel. When landed they extend into the air (space permitting) to increase the surface area that absorbs the sun’s power. Depending on the energy needs of the ship these may be protruding to various degrees while active.


This ship, the Nemesis, was created by activating the transportation protocol within the Nelja nexus located in Melavich. It’s a one of kind piece of incredible technology. Within the ship was a neural patch that would impart knowledge of how to fly the ship to any single person to utilize it. Zisk used the patch and gained knowledge of all skills need to pilot the craft, though not of all the utility and support functions the ship also has.

The inside of the ship is full of various hidden wonders yet to be discovered. For fear of ruining it, the discovery proceeds slowly, everyone wanting to understand and use the ship as intended, not salvage it for any use they might be able to cobble together.

So far a cloaking device has been discovered. It uses quite a bit of power to maintain, but so long as the ship is in direct daylight, it can be maintain indefinitely so long as the ship is not in flight. The cloak will carry through the night, again, so long as it is not in flight, or any other undiscovered power draining functions aren’t in use.

Cecilia discovered a way to override is current speed limits by rerouting power from the cloaking field, doubling the speed of the craft, but disabling use of the cloaking for a full day after the speed boost is disengaged.

There are vast amounts of technology within the ship, but the only way to safely learn all there is to learn about it is time, and a healthy dash of luck.


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