Ellabon's Conquest

Chapter 1.5 - The Escape

Session 5: The Escape

After a day and half of interrogation at the hands of the Letanzi, things move from bad to worse. Confined to their quarters again, they get all their gear equipped, knowing one way or another; things will be coming to a conclusion quickly.

A short while later the group hears agitated voices that escalate in a series of explosions. Merlin opens the door and hurriedly places something along the edges of the door. He then shuffles into the room, covered in a sheen of sweat, a strained smile on his face.

Merlin speaks in a rushed voice as he preps some device in front of opening, covering the door; “There is very little time, trust in what you saw, share the truth. No man here has claim to take the lives of innocents, and it won’t happen while I draw breath.”

With that, he hands Helios a three foot rod made of what looked like copper with seven prongs coming out of the top. Merlin tells Helios to drive it into the ground, compress the trigger and make a circle around it, linking hands. As the group does this Merlin activates the device in the front of the door, which expands to cover the entire opening in a pentagonal shaped grid of a light orange color. The rod begins to spin and arc lightning around the group.

The outer door gets blown to pieces and large parts of it strike the barrier, but nothing penetrates. The rod continues to build up, arcing in a near solid stream to each person in the group. Merlin looks back on last time, smiling as large blast shatter the shield. At the same moment the group blinking out of existence and reappears on the Rift Walker.

After settling back in the camp, Lysander gathers his belongings and makes his way to the far side of the conch, where he hopes to discover more of his people alive. Ruby, Billum, Helios, Zisk and Guess all take head off after Lysander. Billum and Lysander have a little bickering spat while descending to the covered side of the conch which leads to Billum falling and knocking Lysander off the cliff side at about 80 feet up. Guess is ready for any mistakes, floating slowly next to them and blasts both of them with a web cypher that plasters both to the cliff, in a compromising position.

On their way across to the high point of this side of the conch, Lysander, while bickering with Helios, falls straight through the ground into a subterranean tunnel system. Landing in the middle of a group of kargriffs, Lysander jumps straight into action. Not realizing the camaraderie already developed, Zisk, Guess and Helios follow down into the hole to defend Lysander. One thing after another seems to go wrong and just when the battle seems in hand something else goes awry. In the end they narrowly defeat the group of kargriffs and chase off a brood mother. The group is able to find a number of cyphers as well as an artifact. Lysander figures out how to use the device, it’s just a simple trigger mechanism, and uses it to try and blast the brood mother kargriff. He misses but when it makes contact with the packed earth of the cavern it completely disintegrates everything it touches. They don’t fully understand the device, but its power is undeniable.

Haggard and near death, every one of them, the group makes their way back up to the surface. They meet back up with Ruby and Billum shortly after, who were lagging about 30 minutes behind because Ruby needed rest.


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