An ancestral polearm of Lysander's that has turned numenera

weapon (melee)

Heavy Weapon (6 damage)Glaive.png

  • +2 weapon damage (for 8)
  • +1 to attack rolls
  • Armor Piercing 2
  • No Depletion Roll

Skeptical of the Protean Chambers and their true intentions of alteration, Lysander quickly throws his ancestral glaive into the maw of the chamber instead of entering like the members in his party. The transformation was instantaneous and made a weapon that no smith could have produced. the grip, now cold to his hands, was balanced and seemed to move in conjunction with him instead of him directing it. the blade was beyond sharp and more dangerous than the tooth or claw that he has ever encountered.

This creation seemed too easy and devastating for any man to know and is quite skeptical of revealing the location of the temple-forge that has spawn this new artifact of destruction.


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